Pyramid IPS, Inc welcomes Jen Zimmerman to our team of skilled professionals! Jen will be an asset to your staff as she specializes in Crisis Management, Public Relations, and both internal and external communications. 

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A talented and dedicated public relations professional, Jen Zimmerman, has nearly 20 years of experience helping organizations communicate efficiently and effectively. She has developed strategic communications plans, secured extensive media coverage, created marketing materials, implemented advertising campaigns, coordinated special events, and a variety of other communications activities. Zimmerman is regularly invited to speak to business owners and industry leaders on a variety of topics, including internal and external communications, public relations planning, crisis preparedness and response and strategic management of communications activities.

Her background in agency, higher education, national media and municipal environments brings a well-rounded perspective to her work with clients. Her insight into the media comes from her experience as a media planner for a Fox affiliate.

In addition to her expertise in public relations, Zimmerman has experience in emergency preparedness and crisis communications response.  As
a participant in local Public Information Officer Emergency training, she is achieved expert status and is able to provide training in crisis preparedness and response communication. 

Her crisis communications experience 
also includes managing the media for large and small scale incidents, controversial situations, municipal and school district preemptive and response PR, and business and industry internal and external public relations management.

Jen graduated with honors from Northern Illinois University where she earned an undergraduate  degrees in corporate communications.  She attained a master of arts degree in communication studies with honors from Governors State University.   Zimmerman is employed at an institute of higher learning where she enjoys teaching students to become proficient in public relations.

An accredited public relations practitioner, Zimmerman is actively involved in community organizations   In addition to her collegiate level work, she is a public relations consultant reporting to local and national clientele.